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Established in 2021, we are fast-becoming one of the most popular Electronic Companies for paranormal investigation equipment. 

As paranormal investigators ourselves we have carefully researched and selected some of the best affordable equipment desired by every investigator whether it be for private groups, individuals or events companies. Please note that all products are made to order. We are big believers that you shouldn't wait for weeks, or in some cases, months-on-end for your hard earned equipment. So, depending on how busy we are the expected build times are as follows;

Please note, these times are based on how busy we are, sometimes the items may arrive sooner than expected. 

Shipping is free if you live in the United Kingdom, However if you live in the USA, Canada or Europe shipping fees do apply. All products are in Pound sterling so please contact me for conversion rates and shipping costs.

K2 EMF Meters - Dispatched 7 days from payment received

Laser Vortex - 10 days

EVDS Sensor - 10 days

Geophone - 10 days

EM Generator - 10 days

REM Dual Box - 14 Days

HT EMF Meter - 14 Days

Q-Box - 16 Days

SLS Cameras - 21 Days

Ghost / Spirit Boxes - 21 Days

Bundle Kits - 21 Days