HT EM/Dual PROXI Sensor (Electro-Magnetic Field + REM Sensor)


This is a Limited Edition EMF and Dual Proximity (R.E.M) Detector.


The EMF Function on this device is highly sensitive and has been tried and tested on a few investigations now with great success. It is highly sensitive and also has a loud buzzer alarm upon activation.


The REM or Proximity Function is also highly sensitive. It has two antennas which increases its proximity range (7 to 10 inches) from each antenna. 


This device can be ran with both functions running at the same time, or one or the other at once. We do suggest turning the REM function off while walking around or the device being moved as it will constantly trigger. 


Please note the build time for this can be up to 10 days from order. FREE First Class Shipping within the UK is included in the price.