The job of the researcher is to separate fact from fiction, to reveal when something cannot be proven or simply state when no explanation or evidence can be found to support statements made during any research, including that into paranormal investigations. Research is undertaken in the same way as any historical research using primary, secondary and archaeological sources. These include original documents deposited in archives, libraries, museums, archaeological reports and historical accounts. Secondary sources are used to substantiate other sources and fill gaps where necessary. Additionally, personal experiences are investigated as far as possible. All research is undertaken seriously and with great care and attention to detail in order to produce the most accurate research record possible.

Rosemarie Claire-Gillen, BA (Hons), MA.


Here at The Haunted Toolbox UK, not only do we build and customize equipment, we study, investigate and research paranormal phenomena at private locations throughout Lincolnshire and the rest of the UK. We are a scientific based team of experienced paranormal investigators and researchers, using and developing pioneering technology to capture proof of supposed paranormal activity. 

Our Methods

Firstly, we approach each investigation differently, whether it be down to the history of the location or the spirits that reside in each unique location. However, what is universal is that we respect the location and respect the spirits that reside within its grounds. 

We mainly use scientific approaches to our investigations and events as we are looking for evidence and experiences rather than questionable things like 'I feel this, and I feel that' And if something does happen we let it play out and after it has finished we look for anything natural or anything rational that could have caused the phenomena before we even contemplate it being something supernatural. As seekers of truth we do not completely ignore more spiritual approaches, such as the use of mediums and experiments such as the human pendulum, dowsing and ouija boards as past experiences using these techniques have thrown up some amazing results, we like to have a good balance going. What we are however, is truthful, experienced and have a good balance of believers through to people more on the skeptical side within our unique group.

Our Equipment

The Haunted Toolbox UK has a large array of paranormal investigation equipment. We have carefully selected and researched each piece of equipment we have to hand. Other than our own equipment our list includes;

K2 EMF Meters

Laser Vortex Spinning Tunnel

PIR Music Box

EM Generator

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Ultrasonic 360 Motion Sensor
Digital EMF Meters

Geophone Vibration Detector
EVP Machines
Digital Recorders
Motion Sensors
Night Vision Camcorders
Sound Enhancers
S.L.S Camera
Trigger Objects
Ouija Boards
Laser Grids
Thermal Imaging Camera
​TIR Crosshair Device
REM Pods
Digital Thermometers
Raudive Diode Device