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How we started


The Haunted Toolbox UK LTD was formed in 2021 by Paranormal Investigator Kris Dean. Kris began investigating in 2007 and has worked alongside many different investigators and groups including The Official Most Haunted Experience. Kris's role within these teams has always been technical, equipment and evidence based. Almost from the beginning Kris tinkered with and made his own equipment and in 2021 he decided to form his own Equipment Building Company at affordable prices.

Why The Haunted Toolbox?


The Haunted Toolbox UK pride themselves with providing the best paranormal equipment at affordable, realistic and competitive prices.  We limit our workload to make sure that all orders are met with high detail to attention and giving the best and quickest possible turnaround service.

Although we are a new company we are already building up a fantastic reputation and close relationships with many paranormal groups and companies around the UK. Before you buy from us we invite you to read our reviews on both facebook and eBay.