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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” - Nikola Tesla

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Established in 2021, The Haunted Toolbox UK is fast-becoming one of the most respected and popular paranormal and ghost hunting equipment stores in the UK.

As paranormal investigators ourselves we have carefully researched and selected some of the best affordable equipment desired by every investigator whether it be for private groups, individuals or events companies.

Please note that all products are made to order. We are big believers that you shouldn't wait for weeks, or in some cases, months-on-end for your hard earned equipment.


** NOW SHIPPING TO THE USA, CANADA AND EUROPE, Please click on the 'shop' page for more details **

Please note: ALL of our products are made to order. We are very busy at this present time and we have had to adjust the build times due to demand. All of these build times are 'up-to'  However depending on the workload we have in it is usually much sooner.

K2 EMF Meters - 7 days from payment received

Laser Vortex - 10 days

Geophone - 10 days

EM Generator - 10 days

REM Dual Box - 14 Days

HT EMF Meter - 14 Days

Q-Box - 16 Days

SLS Cameras - 21 Days

Ghost / Spirit Boxes - 21 Days

Bundle Kits - 21 Days

I know this may seem a while, however I am very busy and I don't like letting anyone down. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has ordered my products and supported my business since its started. I am overwhelmed by your kindness and support!

Thank you!

​Before purchasing your hard-earned equipment with us, please feel free to check out our public reviews which are available on this website, eBay and Facebook. 

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The Haunted Toolbox UK was formed in 2021 by Paranormal Investigators Kris & Emma Dean.

Kris has been investigating for over 14 years and has always modified and made his own equipment for himself and various groups he has worked with since 2007. Kris has always investigated in a scientific way. He doesn't discount more spiritual approaches such as the use of mediums or the use of ouija boards and dowsing, his search for answers has always been approached by capturing hard evidence using some of the best equipment available.

Kris began investigating in 2007 with a local group called iBelieve Paranormal, which soon changed their name to Lincolnshire Paranormal.

He has also worked with other groups such as Gainsborough Paranormal. He has also been part of events companies such as Phantom Nights and The Official Most Haunted Experience, working along side Jenny, Karl and Yvette from the hit TV show Most Haunted.

We are a small, family run business that believes not all equipment should be as expensive as it is. So we have carefully researched, selected and modified paranormal equipment to suit every investigator and ghost hunter out there at discounted prices.